Show Success


  Date Location

Oh-Lala Wieselburg 2006 04/09/2006 CACIB Wieselburg/A Dr. Otto Schimpf/A Veteran very good 1 (giving a veteran, being the only one in the ring, not an excellent and the deserved title, is a shame for the judge - herewith, we brought Oh-Lala's show career to an end)

Oh-Lala Club 2005 05/07/2005 National Specialty Austria Jacques de Brouwer/F open Excellent

Oh-Lala Club 2004 05/29/2004 National Specialty Austria Corinne de Brouwer/F open Exc. 4

Oh-Lala Club 2002 07/21/2002 National Specialty Austria Jackie Dillies/F open Exc. 1 CACA

Oh-Lala Select I   Oh-Lala Select I  Selected Italy - Eccelente, cot. 3
Oh-Lala Club ITA 2001 10/14/2001 B & A National Specialty/I R. Wollensack/GER open Exc. 3 (among 11 tawny Briards)

Oh-Lala Sel ITA 2001 10/13/2001 B & A Selection/I
Character test
Oh-Lala Character I  Excellent, character points 29/30 - best of all presented dogs

Oh-Lala Tulln 2001 09/30/2001 CACIB County Winner Show Tulln/A KR Ernst Kugler/A open Exc. 2 Res. CACA

Oh-Lala Select F Oh-Lala Select F     Selected France

Oh-Lala Sel FRA 09/11/1999 Nationale d'Elevage A.B.B.
Pruniers en Sologne/F
P. Jacoulot/F open Excellent - Selected

Oh-Lala Character F 09/11/1999 A.B.B. Selection/F
Character test
    Excellent - 20/20 character points

  04/10/1999 CACIB Antwerpen/B J. Dillies/F Youth Exc. 1 - Junior Winner

  Apr. 1999 Châteauroux/F E. Yannakis/F Youth Very good 1

  02/28/1999 Toulouse/F A. Thevenon/F Youth Exc. 1 - Junior Winner

  1998 Nat. Specialty Luxembourg E. Yannakis/F Puppy very promising


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